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KICA Program
3F Kyoto International Community House
2-1 Torii-cho, Awataguchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8536, Japan
Closed: Mondays
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Japanese lessons by voluntary tutors

KICA のボランティア教師による日本語個人・小グループレッスンです。
費用: 入会金 1,000 円、 レッスン 1回 90 分、500 円
* 興味のある方は連絡してください。
Tel: 075-751-8958, Fax: 075-751-9006
E-mail:  URL:

Are you looking for a place to learn Japanese? Yes, we are here! We think you will
find KICA’s tailor-made course of Japanese by voluntary instructors fun and useful.
Place of Study: KICA Office (3F Kyoto International Community House)
Time and Contents: To be carefully scheduled and tailored after a good talk with you.
Fee: The initial fee is ¥1,000.  ¥500 for 90-minute lesson

* Contact KICA for further information.
Tel: 075-751-8958, Fax: 075-751-9006
E-mail:  URL:

让我们一起来学习日本语吧! KICA 京都国际文化协会的志愿者老师们开设了别具特色
地点: 京都市国際交流会馆3F。
费用:入会 1,000 日元 一次90 分钟500 日元。
* 有兴趣者请与联系我们。
Tel: 075-751-8958, Fax: 075-751-9006
E-mail:  URL:

일본어강사가 자원봉사로 개인,소그룹 레슨을 시작합니다.
장소:(재)교토국제문화협회사무국(교토시국제교류회관 3 층)
학습내용, 교재, 시간은 수강자와 상담해서 결정합니다.
비용은 500 엔/90 분/1 회
* 관심 있으신 분은 연락 바랍니다.

Tel: 075-751-8958, Fax: 075-751-9006
E-mail:  URL:

〒606-8536 京都市左京区粟田口鳥居町2-1 京都市国際交流会館3F
Tel:075-751-8958, Fax: 075-751-9006  URL:

Easy Japanese

Japanese Language Classes for Beginners at KICH
KICH and KICA co-organize Classes in Japanese language for the newcomers. Each course (12 weeks)
starts in April, July, October and January.


The First Step in Japanes

(A)Every Friday 13:30-15:30


(B)Every Friday 18:30-20:30

The Second Step in Japanese


Every Friday 18:30-20:30

●Place: Kyoto City International Community House

●Fees: ¥6,000/12 weeks

For further information, contact KICH ( or KICA (

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