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3F Kyoto International Community House
2-1 Torii-cho, Awataguchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8536, Japan
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What is Kyoto International Cultural Association (KICA) ?

Kyoto International Cultural Association: An outline

Established as a voluntary association in 1978, reorganized to an incorporated foundation in 1983, and reorganized recently to a general incorporated foundation. The English title remains unchanged since 1978.
The following activities are being undertaken:

Train volunteer Japanese teachers by offering “Basic courses for teaching Japanese as a foreign language” (20 lessons annually), and KICA Seminar on methods of teaching Japanese” (6 times annually),
Organize classes of teaching Japanese to foreign residents, “Easy Japanese” entrusted with Kyoto City International Foundation,
Offer voluntary Japanese private lessons to foreign residents,
Organize an annual essay contest in Japanese or English inviting public participation of foreign residents in Japan, and from 2012, Japanese citizens of Kyoto prefecture,
Jointly organize an annual International Tea Gathering in October in collaboration with Urasenke, etc. inviting both foreign residents and Japanese alike in Kansai area,
Organize ad hoc gatherings of mutual interest with foreign residents, particularly foreign students.

The above activities intend to promote and deepen life-sized cultural exchange and friendship between foreign residents and Kyoto citizens.

Financial sources, in addition to the endowment fund, come from membership fee and subscription from both corporate members (15 companies) and individual members (about 100 persons). Some additional money is earned by tuition fees of the basic course of Japanese teaching methods and participation fees of KICA seminars. KICA office is located at the Kyoto International Community House, and its activities are supported by voluntary services of KICA staff members.

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