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Essay Contest

"Being a Black Woman in Japan: Both invisible and Marked"  Folake Abass(UK)
  "Japan - What lies beneath?"  JJ O'Donoghue(Ireland)
  "Fukushima Crises and Dented Japan in the International Community: My view"  Md. Shafiqur Rahman(Bangladesh)
"A Journey Through The Seasons"   Jenson Deokiesingh (Trinidad and Tobago)
  "Japanese Culture: Some subtilties o' the isle"  Simon Hull(UK)
  "Chasing the Japanese Dream"   Sylvia Thangamary Victor(New Zealand)
”A Cubanita in Kumamoto"   Belkis Lissett Cabrera(USA)
  "Omoiyari - A Japanese Lesson"   Tshering Cigay Dorji (Bhutan)
  ”Japanese Slippers, The Barometer of Emotion"   Kathleen Froede(USA)
"Living The Local Culture- The Importance of The Chonaikai"   Heather Fukase (Australia)
  "Japanese Culture, My Cup of Tea"   David McMurray (Canada)
  "All I Really Need to Know About Japanese Culture I Learned in Summer Camp"   Patrick John Reyes Ramos ( the Philippines )
" The “kaomoji” and the human communication"   Alberto Hikaru Shintani (Brazil)
  "Japan..The wisdom of silence "   Sherin Elsayed Mahmoud Shaaban(Egypt)
  "Japan: A Place to Call Home"  Vishal Varma (India)
"PS: I Love You."   Genevieve Barr (Australia)
  "The Tale of the Bamboo and Sakura"   Zhi Liang Chew (USA)
  "Why Potato? Why Rice? -A Comparison of Food Culture in The Netherlands and Japan"  Leon de Vreede (the Netherlands)
"Japan: An Inward Journey"  Irene Herrera (Venezuela)
  "Japanese culture: the changing of four seasons"   Fundow Jerasakanon (Thailand)
  "The Value of A Human Being"  David C. Moreton (Canada)
"Futurism, Control Freaks and Torii Gate Dreams"   Miles Hitchcock (Australia)
  "Sideviews of Tokyo"   Tse-Mei Lee (Singapore)
  "Gratitude--A Japanese Lesson"   Christal Whelan (USA)
"Japan―a Quiet Teacher"   Katherine Erricker (UK)
  "A Jouney into the Land of Voltes V"   Terence Talorete (the Philippines)
  "Redefining Japanese Culture"  John Tiedemann (USA)
"Japan--- A Journey into Selfhood"   Richa Jayal (India)
  "Japanese Experience and Globalization"   A’kos Kopper (Hungary)
  "A Glimpse of a Heritage through a Bamboo Curtain by a Common-Tao"   Miguel N. Lopez (the Philippines)

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